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LE.A.DE.R project staff

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Monday, 01 December 2014 10:17

First Meeting in Derby - UK

1st International Meeting
4/5th December 2014 – Derby (UK)
Venue: Derby University - Derby

Monday, 01 December 2014 00:00

The project

The project

Emerging needs
Career guidance is an essential component of modern education and training systems to (re-)orientate younger and older generations towards the acquisition of 21st century skills. Lifelong guidance has been receiving increasing attention at both European and national levels. Two Resolutions of the Education Council (in 2004 and 2008) have highlighted the need for strong guidance services throughout the lifespan to equip citizens with the skills to manage their learning and careers and the transitions between and within education/training and work. The Resolutions drew attention to four priority areas: 1. the development of career management skills (CMS); 2. accessibility of services; 3. quality assurance and evidence base for policy and systems development; 4. co-ordination of services. Member States were invited to take action to modernise and strengthen their guidance policies and systems

This proposal will promote at European level a cooperation for sharing different approaches, for defining and testing a shared CMS framework and for developing guidance and training resources for school teacher and guidance practitioners, also using ICT (developing an innovative e-learning platform, integrating e-portfolio, career maching software, information and guidance resources, web tools and environment to perform web seminar and e-tutoring, …). This proposal will cope with the priorities of the ERASMUS+ Programm - Strategic Partnership (Basic skills and "transversal key competences").

Projects aims:

  1. identify and develop teaching and learning approaches, methods and resources that effectively support the development of CMS as transversal key competences ;
  2. develop assessment and evaluation methods and practices that improve the quality of learning of Career Management Skills 
  3. identify and develop the integration of the European dimension in teaching and learning.



Project results

Training Model for career guidance practitioners on CMS - O3
Open platform for guidance practitioners - O4
CMS Resources: learning/teaching/training materials - O5
Report on national Pilot Actions - O6

Handbook "Career Management Skills" - O7
Monday, 01 December 2014 01:00



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