Lifelong guidance in Europe: 2nd International Conference in Athens

On 4th October 2016 was held the second International Conference of the LE.A.DE.R Project in Athens organized by Athens University of Economics and Business – AUEB named "Lifelong guidance in Europe: The shift to Career Management Skills Development".

Europe has centered lifelong guidance policies on the concept of Career Management Skills (CMS), which identifies the skills that each person should have to manage autonomously and consciously their choices of study and work.
The theme of Career Management Skills is crucial to design and organize the guidance services, in order to guarantee every student and every person in the moment of transition and choise useful guidance and advise to make the right step, to select the best opportunities, to apply effectively a new job.

The LE.A.DE.R project aims in particular to test in practice which models and guidance tools better respond to this new approach and to develop courses and training resources for guidance counselors and teachers.
The Athens Conference introduced to the local participants and practitioners this new European CMS Framework developed by the partnership and the future steps of the project that iclude national pilot actions.

All the interventions of the International Conference are now available for the registered users of the LE.A.DE.R. project website.

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The programme of the Conference and the interventions available:

Session 1 – Lifelong guidance: learning and decision making resources

  • Access to the Labour Market: The Role of Universities by Ioannis NIKOLAOU, Associate Professor, Director of the MSc Program In Human Resources Management - AUEB (GR)
  • Lifelong guidance: new challenges in the age of complexity by Giulio Iannis – Pluriversum of Siena (IT)
  • LE.A.DE.R Project - Learning and Decision Making Resources for career guidance by Andrea Marconi – University of Camerino (IT)
  • Understanding Career Management Skills by Siobhan Neary - University of Derby (UK)

Session 2 – Practices, tools and resources for service innovation

  • Online career guidance tools for adolescents and adults by Fotini VLACHAKI - AUEB (GR)
  • Online software for career education and guidance by Ella BUJOK – Cascaid (UK)
  • A new training model for career guidance practitioners/teachers-CMS platform by Giulio Iannis – Pluriversum of Siena (IT)
  • Project Som-hi: Guidance actions for transformation and access to the labour market by Josep Lluís Segú - DEP Institut (ES)
  • Master Courses in Career Counseling and Management by Paulina SPANU – Politehnica University of Bucharest (RO)

Session 3 –Career management skills - towards a shared framework: a new approach

  • Proposal for a Career Management Skills framework by Giulio Iannis – Pluriversum of Siena (IT)

Session 4 – From theories to practices: How can we develop Career Management Skills within our services?

  • Finding work and accessing learning by Prof. Sabri Can EKERER & Prof. Cem BOGA - Cukurova University of Adana (TR)
  • Skills management of transition from secondary to tertiary school by Ella Bujok - CASCAID (UK)
  • Career counselling & guidance: 100+ Enlightenment Best Practices e-Book by Panagiotis KOUTOUDIS - Institute of Entrepreneurship Development (GR)
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