Stage in UNICAM: a good guidance experience to help the students in the university choice

Each year the University of Camerino offers many guidance activities to Secondary Schools to be performed both at school and the University.
Definitively, one of the most successful activity among the students attending the last two years is "Stage in Unicam," a 3 days event which allows students to experience university life and the study courses they are interested in.

Students attend lectures, participate in workshops, eat in the university canteens and stay in the student residences.
In this way they can get all the information necessary to determine if the chosen study course will represent their own path of future studies.
To allow students to choose their internship experience, every year, in September, the Guidance Office sends to schools a calendar with all the proposed activities and disciplines to help students to choose the right internship experience. The calendar is also available online, at the web page of the Guidance Office focused on the initiative.
To spend a period at the university is an opportunity for cultural and personal growth that enables students to acquire, participating in lectures, seminars and / or laboratory work, all the information on one or more study courses. It is also an opportunity to enjoy a taste of the university atmosphere, to learn about the services offered and to have direct testimony of those who have already made the university choice.
STAGE IN UNICAM helps to develop the critical skills of choice and gives a chance to make an experience exploitable in terms of school and university credits, as stated in the University Rules and regulations.
Students who will register at Unicam, after their participation in the internship, can apply to get 1 ECTS recognized among the activities chosen by the student (credits can be up to 4 if the student also participates in the PROGETTO CREDITI).
To verify the efficacy of this activity, the Guidance Service of Camerino University, has realized a specific software of evaluation. The most important date analyzed is the dropout rate: in the second year, of students who have attended the internship activity is about 9%, while the national average rate is about 25%.
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