Training Model in Career Guidance Practices: “The virtual job hunt” in Camerino University

Since 2004, the University of Camerino has been involved in promoting teaching innovation supported by information technology, such as e-learning. Unicam uses Moodle platforms, a  Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) open source that allows to create online the traditional classroom. Moodle allows to teach and interact with students through a multitude of tools designed and implemented in Didactics. This virtual environment is the basis of the project “Virtual Job Hunt”, the training section of the European “Bio skills in motion save the world”- EARTH - Leonardo Da Vinci, realized in the context of the development of longlife learning for graduated students interested in searching for a job or internship in an international context.

The project aimed to provided internship opportunities in companies abroad for 117 graduates coming from the four universities of the Marche Region. The internship lasted 3 months and it was preceded by a training in Italy. The University of Camerino was responsible for the training in Italy through  the project “Virtual Job Hunt”. The training, in e-learning modality, was held entirely in  English.
The part in e-learning of the project Virtual Job Hunt, in open source Moodle platform, is still an important tool for students and graduates, and involves the following steps:
1) “Basic English” course, as a support to refresh or obtain the basic knowledge of  English, in order to communicate in the foreign country of destination.
2) “Job Hunt” course, a training to help the graduate to follow the suggested steps in  searching for a job in an international context,  made with the help of texts and animated dialogues, organized around a virtual character depicting a graduate engaged in looking for a job. The common thread is the set of problems that the character must face and the corresponding solutions, all based on  dialogues in English between the graduate himself and his friends who provide tips and advises to carry on the active job search.
The course is mainly focused on: basic elements of job search, the importance of networking and of the major social networks, job search on the Internet, how to write a cover letter, a curriculum vitae, a letter of recommendation and on how to  get ready for a job interview
3) Videoconference by using Skype from USA (15 minutes) to carry out and simulate online a job interview with a consultant from USA. The consultant organizes the interview referring to  the letter and the curriculum vitae that have been prepared by the student on the basis of didactic materials and delivered on the platform before the job interview.
The attached article shows  the developing of the project and the results of questionnaire of qualities filled from the users of the platform.

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