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Margherita Grelloni

Margherita Grelloni

Each year the University of Camerino offers many guidance activities to Secondary Schools to be performed both at school and the University.
Definitively, one of the most successful activity among the students attending the last two years is "Stage in Unicam," a 3 days event which allows students to experience university life and the study courses they are interested in.

Case study in UNICAM

The reduction of the dropout represents, at the moment, a big point of attention for all the institutions.
In Italy, the percentage of population with a high level of education is dramatically lower with respect to other UE countries. The Europe 2020 strategy for growth includes strategies to improve the educational levels.

Since 2004, the University of Camerino has been involved in promoting teaching innovation supported by information technology, such as e-learning. Unicam uses Moodle platforms, a  Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) open source that allows to create online the traditional classroom. Moodle allows to teach and interact with students through a multitude of tools designed and implemented in Didactics. This virtual environment is the basis of the project “Virtual Job Hunt”, the training section of the European “Bio skills in motion save the world”- EARTH - Leonardo Da Vinci, realized in the context of the development of longlife learning for graduated students interested in searching for a job or internship in an international context.

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