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Giulio Iannis

Giulio Iannis

CEO at Centro Studi Pluriversum, Siena

In Ancona (Italy), we had the opportunity to meet Professor Ronald Sultana, University of Malta, director of the Euro-Mediterranean Centre for Educational Research. He is one of the world's leading experts in career guidance.

Professor Sultana, in Italy, as in other contries, Regions, Cities and Local Authorities are engaged in the construction of local guidance systems to help people to choose and manage their educational and professional careers throughout their lifetime. A great challenge for the future: what do you think?

Friday, 27 February 2015 14:52

The huge costs of the disorientation

The level of disorientation of young generations is growing in our modern society based on knowledge and complexity, expecially in time of crisis. One of the main evidence of this is the rate of NEETs in Europe. The term NEET is used to describe young people who are not engaged in any form of employment, education or training. The term has come into the policy debate in recent years due to disproportionate impact of the recession on young people (under 30 years old). The unemployment rate for those under thirty is nearly double the average rate. Some 14 million young people are not in employment, education or training across the Europe. There are great differences among regions and countries. Rates vary widely from around 5.5% of 15-24 year olds in the Netherlands to 22.7% in Italy (Eurofound -

For young people from an immigration background the risk to become NEETs is 70% higher than nationals. Also having a disability or health issue could be also a strong risk factor.

The economic cost of not integrating NEETs was estimated by Eurofound at over €150 billion, or 1.2% of GDP. Some countries, such as Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia and Poland are paying 2% or more of their GDP.

CAREER MANAGEMENT SKILLS (CMS) is a strategic key concept for implementing lifelong guidaquestionsnce policies within national and regional education and employment systems.

People are becoming aware that the structure of work is changing and that the management of own career and learning process is a lifelong challenge. Education and guidance services are in charge to promote and develop these skills needed by all people for living this change and for leading actively their career paths.
Career management is based on the idea of an intentional management of work, learning and other aspects of life through reflective, evaluative and decision making processes (Haines, Scott, & Lincoln, 2003; Watts, 1998). 

The European Lifelong Guidance Policy Network (ELGPN) regards career management skills (CMS) as competencies which help individuals to identify their existing skills, develop career learning goals and take action to enhance their careers.

Liam-Byrne-012Recently Liam Byrne published a document setting out his vision for further and higher education policy. There’s a lot to be positive about in the report – it’s clear that the shadow minister for universities, science and skills understands the real potential that a revitalised vocational education system has in fuelling economic growth and improving people’s prospects.

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