Adana (TR)
Meeting 5-6 May 2015
Athens (GR)
International training, meeting and conference 3/7 October 2016
International Training on "Career Management Skills" April 2016
Derby (UK)
Meeting 4-5 December 2014
Meeting 10-12 Aprile 2017
Rome (IT)
27th June 2017 - International conference on Career Management Skills: "The european challenge for lifelong guidance" Click here for registration
Roma (IT)
Conferenza di Roma, 27 Giugno 2017 - Career Management Skills: "La sfida Europea per l'orientamento lungo l'arco della vita". Clicca qui per iscriverti
LE.A.DE.R project staff

LE.A.DE.R project staff

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Monday, 11 April 2016 18:58

Understanding the world

Understanding the world

This area recognises that work and learning are influenced and impacted on by wider issues in society. As such individuals need to acknowledge that they will not always have control over their work but they can develop the skills, knowledge and behaviours which will help them to navigate and manage continual change.

  1. I understand how changes in society, politics and the economy relate to my life, learning and work.
  2. I understand how life, learning and work roles change over time.
  3. I can act effectively as a part of the society as a whole (social awareness)
  4. I identify, create and capitalize on unforeseen situations, either positive or negative ones. (Readiness to happenstance).
  5. I can act at an international level for issues related to my life, learning and work (mobility skills)


Monday, 11 April 2016 18:58

Managing life and career

Managing life and career

This area focuses on the relationship between work and life and supports individuals to effectively progress their career while achieving a balance with their commitments.

  1. I can to decide on and to set my career/life goals within appropriate timescales
  2. I manage my goals, my time and personal finances in a way that supports my career building.
  3. I adapt my varied roles, jobs responsibilities, schedules and context
  4. I am innovative and creative in my thinking about my work, learning and life.
  5. I maintain a balance in my life, learning and work that is right for me.
  6. I manage to face transitions in a flexible and adaptable way.
  7. I can cope with adversities and changes which take place in life and career exactly at the moment they occur (Career resilience)


Monday, 11 April 2016 18:57

Finding work and accessing learning

Finding work and accessing learning

This area focuses on the need to engage in learning and to develop the skills that enable individuals to effectively navigate into and onto further learning and work opportunities.

  1. I learn throughout life.
  2. I can find work and successfully manage selection processes (Job search skills)
  3. I create opportunities and alternative career perspectives to build my career.
  4. I create synergies in my career
  5. I assess the pros and cons of formal and informal sources of information
  6. I know how to negotiate a job or collaboration
  7. I can cope and “negotiate” successfully with changes and transitions in the world of work (Career adaptability)


Monday, 11 April 2016 18:56

Managing relationships

Managing relationships

This area acknowledges that our relationships with others are an important factor in how we manage our careers. Individuals need to recognise that we have different relationships with others depending on the context and these can help us to build a career.

  1. I find and utilise information and the support of others.
  2. I interact confidently and effectively with others.
  3. I build professional relationships and networks that support my career.
  4. I maintain my professional relationships and networks
  5. I use the social media networks (social networking skills) to support my professional networking and my career.


Monday, 11 April 2016 18:47

Personal effectiveness

Personal effectiveness

This area focuses on skills and attitudes that support individuals to effectively manage themselves and to progress their career.

  1. I know who I am and what I am good at.
  2. I’m able to reflect on my strengths and address my weaknesses.
  3. I make effective decisions relating to my life, learning and work.
  4. I remain positive when facing setbacks and I keep a positive orientation to the future.
  5. I make use of appropriate technologies to develop my career.
  6. I generate ideas that help me to achieve my goals
  7. I can match my skills to Labour Market needs (building social partnerships for better skill and better jobs)
  8. I can perform the appropriate actions and activities needed to cope effectively with career issues.
  9. I am able to set SMART (Strategic, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bounded) goals.


Thursday, 11 February 2016 00:00

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Friday, 12 February 2016 00:00

Understanding Career Management Skills

The LEarning And Decision making Resources (LEADER) project aims at defining and share a "sustenable" framework on "career management skills" (CMS) and at developing training resources for career guidance practitioners. CMS is the term used to describe the skills, attributes, attitudes and knowledge that individuals require in order to manage their career. CMS define a set of learning outcomes that will support individuals to develop their careers throughout life. In a learning paradigm the development of CMS becomes one of the key objectives of lifelong guidance.
The project consortium has prepared the first project report: "Understanding Career Management Skills". The document presents an analysis of the data collected as part of the first phase of the project and explores the concept of career management skills (CMS) from the perspectives of the partner countries: Italy; Spain; Romania; Greece; Turkey; and the UK. Data were collected using surveys and focus groups representing practitioners working in career related roles in the partner countries. Construction of the research tools was underpinned by a literature review to identify current thinking in relation to CMS. Responses to the survey were received from 222 respondents from six partner countries and over 85 individuals contributed to focus groups. The report is now available freely on line here and it will be presented during the next international conference in Barcelona, on the 13th of April 2016." 

Download the report HERE


After one year of activities of research, the international Consortium of the European project LE.A.DE.R., promoted by the University of Camerino and Centro Studi Pluriversum has devoloped a common framework on Career Management Skills (CMS). This new concept is crucial to design, develop and assess career guidance interventions and services.


The International Training in Barcelona (April 2016) will be a great opportunity for teachers, guidance practitioners, educators, tutors and trainers from all Europe, for sharing ideas, for learning new career guidance models and for testing guidance tools and training resources. The main aim of this international "twinning training" is learning from each other's the methodological and pedagogical aspects of a new "Career Management Skills" framework as base for a European Lifelong Guidance System.

Here you can find the programme of the conference

Please fill out this form to join the conference.

Wednesday, 18 February 2015 12:18

Second Meeting in Adana - Turkey

2nd International Meeting
5/6th May 2015 – Adana (TR)
Venue: Cukurova University - Adana

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