Adana (TR)
Meeting 5-6 May 2015
Athens (GR)
International training, meeting and conference 3/7 October 2016
International Training on "Career Management Skills" April 2016
Derby (UK)
Meeting 4-5 December 2014
Meeting 10-12 Aprile 2017
Rome (IT)
27th June 2017 - International conference on Career Management Skills: "The european challenge for lifelong guidance" Click here for registration
Roma (IT)
Conferenza di Roma, 27 Giugno 2017 - Career Management Skills: "La sfida Europea per l'orientamento lungo l'arco della vita". Clicca qui per iscriverti



- Draft proposal for a framework -

LE.A.DE.R. Project

What do people need to be able to do to be effective career managers?

Career management skills is the term used to describe the skills, attributes, attitudes and knowledge that individuals require in order to manage their career.

The new conception argues that career management is a process of learning and development which goes on throughout life. Careers are constructed rather than being chosen and this building process is one of learning and personal development.

The methodological framework for improving Career Management Skills within the education systems will help schools, high education institutions, career guidance centers, adult education organisations to design guidance and training activities for helping people to drive their own careers and to choose their study and training pathways.

The LE.A.DE.R. project consortium is working on the shared European framework for career management skills and will propose guidelines for the education system to design and implement career guidance activities to improve these skills for young and adult people.

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